My personal project

What is it ?

Fablab required everyone to make a personal project which represent your past, present and future.

How is it made ?

I made the wall of the school with cardboard, I use the vinyl machine to cut out all the window for the school. The railing and the flag pole, I use the laser machine to cut it out.

What is about ?

My personal project is a 3D model of a school. This school represent my life because I spent most of my life going to school. I been going to school since i was young and I’m still currently going to school now. In the near future, I’m planning to go to UCSD and get my degree in computer science. My school is going to be in 3D and on the top of the roof it will have a field. It will have a flag pole made out of woods and window made out of vinyl and also rail and stuff made out of woods