Youth-led GPS-GIS mapping at MTRP

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In order to prepare and engage the next generation of San Diego decision makers in becoming empowered and civic-minded community members, the Fab Lab works to orient students toward applying the tools of the laboratory to researching, planning and proposing solutions to real world issues. Partnering with organizations that offer a diverse and inter-curricular opportunity to interact with these principals in a hands-on way that enables long-term change is an essential part of the Fab Lab program methodology. Working to engage learners in sustainable design and environmental awareness is extremely critical to developing a community of solution-oriented thinkers.

The foundation for learning at the Fab Lab is grounded in principles related to thinking sustainably. Working with Mission Trails Regional Park has allowed for a practical union between the technical, engineering and fabrication capabilities of the Fab Lab and the profound natural resource of MTRP. The environment at MTRP is one which allows for a dynamic real-world testing ground for understanding the impacts and opportunities related to the natural environment and our role within it.

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Please watch the videoconference with the National Geographic’s “Valley of the Khan” team during their field expedition in Mongolia

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View the GPS mapping project at MTRP made by the students in google earth: