Milling Machine – 3D Scanning


This tutorial will help you change the attachment of Modella and use it to scan an object.


Step 1: Things you need

• Modela MDX-20
• Scanning sensor attachment
• Double sided Tape
• Object to scan
• Yourself
• Hex screw

Step 2: Remove the mill bit attachment

• Unplug the wire from the milling attachment
File:Pic 2.jpg

• Unscrew 2 screws in the milling attachment
File:Pic 3.jpg

**NOTE**: Make sure you are holding on to the milling attachment like below while you unscrew or it might fall and break.

File:Pic 4.jpg

• Put it in a safe place like the manufacture box

Step 3: Adding the scanning attachment

• Place the scanning attachment sensor gently into the 2 holes
File:Pic 5.jpg

• Screw it into the 2 holes snuggly
File:Pic 6.jpg

• Plug the wire from the scanning attachment into the Modela
File: Pic 7.jpg


Step 1: Open up Dr. Picza

• Opening a software call Picza
File:Pic 8.jpg

• Click on scanning area
File:Pic 9.jpg

Step 2: Setting up the software

• When you see a screen with a yellow background and blue rectangle popup, set X, Y and Z according to where the objects begin and end.
X –the length
Y –the width
Z –the height
File:Pic 10.jpg

• Set the X, Y and Z pitch

**NOTE**: The smaller number the pitch the more precise the scan and the more memory it’s going to take up and the slower it will take.

File:Pic 11.jpg

• Click on begin area test. What this does is its going to check all your X and Y and Z to see if your setting is right.
File:Pic 12.jpg

Step 3: Start scanning

• Click Ok after the test is complete
File:Pic 13.jpg

• Click on the green word SCAN
File:Pic 14.jpg

And you are DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File:Pic 15.jpg