Vinyl cutter


Using the Roland Plotter to cut out stickers using Roland cut studio plug in. If you don’t have the Roland cut studio plug in here’s the link for the software.

Step 1:

Open up Adobe Illustrator

vinyl cutter tutorial - open Adobe Illustrator

Step 2:

Click File then open up the artwork

vinyl cutter tutorial - open file

Step 3:

Click on selection tool, click on image

vinyl cutter tutorial - selection tool

Step 4:

Click on window to go to cut studio plug in

vinyl cutter - cut studio

Step 5:

Click on Output path to cut studio

vinyl cutter - cut studio plug in

Step 6:

Send file to the plotter by clicking on the cutting button

vinyl cutter - sending file to plotter

Step 7:

Select the material

vinyl cutter - material

Step 8:

Press enter on the operation panel so that the Cutting Carriage will move out of the way.

vinyl cutter - cutting carriage

vinyl cutter - operation panel

Step 9:

Pull loading lever up so we can secure the rollers

vinyl cutter - loading levers

Step 10:

Insert the material in rollers

vinyl cutter - roland plotter rollers

Step 11:

Make sure to secure rollers so that the material wont move.

vinyl cutter - secure plotter rollers

Step 12:

Double check to see that the rollers are in the Verification Marks

vinyl cutter - plotter verification marks

Step 13:

Send file to Roland plotter.

vinyl cutter - send file to plotter

Step 14:

Press Enter

vinyl cutter - press enter

Step 15:

only cut out the wanted material

vinyl cutter - pre finished artwork

Step 16:

cut out finished material
vinyl cutter - final artwork