Creating a simple Pendant


Step 1: Download Illustrator template and sample artwork

Download these two files to your desktop: File:sample_blackwhitestripes.jpg Figure out how to upload/direct to .ai file here

Step 2: Open the files

Once you have downloaded the files to your desktop, open the file in Illustrator. File->Open->Desktop-> File:Openfile.png

Step 3: Open Layers panel

Open the layers panel and look at the three layers shown there. The pendant layer and safe layer are locked so they cannot be altered. The “artwork” layer will be the layer that the black and white image will be placed into to be engraved on the pendant.


Note: The pendant layer is made with a stroke with a width of .0001in. Any stroke with a width of .0001in will cause the laser cutter to cut through a material. Any stroke with a width of greater than .0001in will cause the laser cutter to “emboss” a material by burning a thin layer off of the top of the material. To make the tutorial as simple as possible, we have already made the stroke .0001in in width.

Step 4: Place Artwork

Select the “artwork” layer by clicking on it until it is highlighted. Then go to File->Place->Desktop->sample_blackwhiteStripes.jpg and click on the file. The file will now be placed in the artwork layer. Parts of the image will be masked. Only the parts that show in the safe area will show up on the finished pendant.


Resize the image to position it in the middle of the pendant. It is ok if parts of the image are clipped by the edges of the pendant shape.


Finally, hide the colored safe layer by clicking on the eye icon to the left of the safe layer.


Step 5: Save file

The pendant is now ready to be cut and embossed on the laser cutter. We will now save it and move on to the laser cutter tutorial.

Go to File->Save As->

Save the file with a new name to differentiate it from your template file. I would suggest adding the letters “-fl” at the end of the file name or using your name. If you are using a computer that is not the same one being used to run the laser cutter, save your file onto a thumbdrive or use another method to transfer your file to the laser cutting computer.

Step 6: Using the Laser Cutter

Go to the following tutorial to learn how to cut and emboss your file using the laser cutter.

Laser Cutter