Digital Fabrication

FAB LAB SD offers multiple ways to explore digital fabrication. If you’d like assistance in the development of your ideas, our design and fabrication team is available for hire, we can help you make your ideas come to life!


Applications: Among many possibilities these are some of the fields where digital fabrication services applied: Toys, Architecture Models, Jewelry, Products Displays, Awards and trophies, Furniture Design, Lamps & Lighting Design, Wood Craft, Signage, Packaging, Circuit Boards Print, Arts and Crafts, Prototyping, Ornaments, Personalized Gifts, Stationery and Greetings Cards, and anything else your imagination would like to create!

Take a look at some of the projects made in FAB LAB San Diego and learn how folks are using this creative personal fabrication tools in the FAB LAB Network!

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For more information about all projects made in FAB LAB San Diego, please visit our showroom posts

FAB LAB digital fabrication services are by appointment only. Depending on our schedule we can offer quick turn around. Send us an email with the file you’d like to print, the timeframe for your project, and a note about what material you’d like to use and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

We have a limited supply of materials available for sale. You’re also welcome to bring your own. Email us what you plan to use and we’ll let you know whether we can cut it. Materials we’ll cut on the laser include Acrylic, many fabrics, cardboard, mat board, laser-safe foam, leather, MDF, and wood. All materials must be certified laser safe before they can be used.

Read more about preparing your files for laser cutting/etching here

For more information about pricing, rates and availability, please contact us at: info(at)fablabsd(dot)org


FAB LAB SD is offering custom laser etching services for your computer cases and electronic devices. This is the perfect way to customize a gift or personalize your gear!

  • $120 for aluminum cased laptops
  • $30 for cellphones and small electronics

Please contact us at info[at]fablabsd[dot]org to arrange an appointment for your custom artwork to be etched on your item.

etching customization