Vinyl lettering and artwork

Custom vinyl lettering and vector wall art graphics are one of the fastest growing trends in signs, home decor, and custom designs. Vinyl applications allow you to add a personalized touch with cost effective quality products.

At FAB LAB SD you can learn vinyl artwork from A to Z, starting on how to design with vectors to the final process of cutting the vinyl. Our lab is equipped with the fabulous Roland Camm-1 servo gx-24, a versatile and high quality vinyl cutter. An excellent tool to produce signs, vinyl wall decoration, vector artwork, vehicle lettering, printing masks, flexible circuits, labels, stencils, personalized stickers and much more!

Take a look at some of the vinyl artwork produced in FAB LAB San Diego and what people are creating with this tool around the FAB LAB network!

[nggallery id=20]

Learn how to use the vinyl cutter with this tutorial from MIT or follow this step-by-step instructions created by our high school students at the Summer Intensive Program!

Click here if you want to learn more about how to make a print circuit board with our vinyl cutter on this tutorial made by Nadya Peek for MIT.