My Personal Project

In the Fab Lab theirs a lot of hands on interactions with making new things. We learned how to work safely with the machines to maximize a good experience in our creations. Since we had to start a “personal project” It had to Reflect our Past Present and Future.I began to Brain Storm a lot of ideas while sketching what best came to mind. Once, I got a few good ideas I went searching the web for pictures that could match them. it took a while since none Satisfied what i was thinking However, I found some good ones and took them. Using Adobe Illustrator I cut up some of the parts from the pictures I didn’t like and kept the good ones. once I was done with the Graphical part of the Design I began to use the Laser cutter to engrave the figures I wanted into a piece in this case it was palm Trees. Later on There was the Other machine i used the Vynialcutter to cut out Figures of my family Since a Family to me Represents Past Present and Future.There Ancestors current family and next Generation never Ending cycle.

Lastly, we looked at Emanuel use the shop bot while showing us how to use the it as we went he allowed us to press some instructions