Biomimicry is taking natures best ideas then imitating the design processes to solve human problems. They take what they learn about nature and find out what works, what is appropriate, and most importantly, what lasts here on Earth. Biomimicry is imitating the best adapted organisms in our habitat. Biomimicry is trying to make the world function more like the natural world. Biomimicry is a new science that study nature’s model and then emulates these forms, processes, systems, and strategies to solve human problems, such as sustainably.

Submarines speed through the water with the help of wiggling fish fins. Aircraft travel through the clouds with flapping wings. Early humans learned hunting, shelter and survival techniques by observing animals as they interacted with their surroundings. While humans lacked the fierce claws and superior hunting instinct of bears, people could mimic their techniques. Modern hypodermic needles take a few pointers from rattlesnake fangs. Nike has even applied the design of goat hoof traction to their running shoe designs.

Biomimicry helps the environment by imitating nature. By imitating nature it helps lessen the amount of damage done to the world, and help makes the world be more efficient. There would be less pollution, there wouldn’t be global warming, and the world will stay in good shape. The world being more efficient helps every living thing on the earth, making the world a better and safer place.

I learned that biomimicry can teach you how to understand the world in a way so that you can imitate the subject in nature and make something that’s like your inspiration and use it to help your everyday use. For example, submarines uses fin like shapes so it has the mobility to move under water making it more efficient. I learned that biomimicry is imitating natures concepts to help out the world.
When I fully understand the basic principles of biomimicry, I want to harvest the ability to use it in all of my creations. In the future I plan to use biomimicry in all of my creations and inspire others to do the same. I would like to create a plant looking figure that is actually a solar panel and use it to draw energy from the sun to power something rather than using electricity.