getting lost with a gps

On July 22, 2009 we met at the Malcolm X library like we always do every Tuesday. When we arrived we met up Katherine, Lamar, Xavier and the middle school kids that we are mentoring. Xavier began by showing us what we were suppose to do which is find a symbol that would be significant to people in either Somalia, Sudan, Cambodia and Mexico. After we picked who was going todo what, we went off to search for books in the library, I picked to research on Sudan. Unfortunately I was only able to find 2 books with not enough information to help me with what I was looking for. After reading for a bit we went back to the room that was assigned to us by the library, when we got there Katherine was waiting for us to tell us our next assignment. She told us we had a choice of working on Google earth or we could go geo-cashing, and we decided to go geo-cashing so off we went.

We traveled over rocks under bridges and through a lot of pointy bushes, we endured a lot of pain but in the end we arrived at our destination which happened to be the U.S post office we walked a couple of feet and then we arrived at this fire hydrant surrounded by a lot of bushes. We looked and looked everywhere but could not find a single one, we were very disappointed. After a bit more of looking we decided it was time to go since we still needed a lot of things to do. After we raced back to the library we met with one of Lamar’s friends from UCSD Oralia Loza who was an epidemiologist who talked to us about making the proper questionnaire and how many different sections and how many thing u actually had tot think about before we asked all the questions. Her background was also very interesting which she talked about a bit afterwards. She gave us a lot of insight on the things that sum people have to go through to get a proper education and for that we were all thankful.