LED: Backpack

I’m a little late but, on Thursday (7/17), I learned about circuits and used it to trick out my backpack. It didn’t work out so well because for some reason the little LED lights only occasionally light up. I’m guessing some of the strings that shouldn’t be touching are touching.

So first, I sketched out a design on paper with my favorite band 2NE1 in mind which was on Tuesday (7/15). Then I used fabric paint to draw the design on my backpack and waited for it to dry. When I came in on Thursday, I sewed the conductive thread on my backpack, tracing the design and connecting the switch, battery, and LED lights together.

I really wish I knew that the little LED things would be lighting up, not the thread itself before I started designing and sewing. It would have been so much easier for me and I wouldn’t have bothered sewing on the design.

I didn’t bother including a picture of after it was sewed because there’s not much difference and it doesn’t light up. Just imagine the headphones with 2 little rectangles attached to the sides.