Personal Project: Still Doll

I started out by sketching a basic concept. Then I used Adobe Illustrator to draw out the parts of the doll. I sent it to the Epilog Engraver to cut out the pieces out of wood, and used string and glue to join everything together. Originally, I designed my idea with the wooden doll holding a cage, but instead I used string to make a mini doll. The finished piece was pretty unstable so I glued the wooden doll to a base.

To me this piece symbolizes my past and present. The string doll represents my childhood in elementary and middle school. Like how a doll’s facial expression never changes, that was how I usually acted, but inside I was really frustrated. My frustrations wound up around me, and if you unwind this doll, there’s nothing inside, similar to how I felt. The wooden doll represents my present and my personality now that I’m in high school. I’m still holding onto my past, the string doll. Even though I want to forget about the past, I can’t because it’s such a big part of me, like how string is keeping the doll together.