What i learned

During my summer internship at Fablab I learn a lot of things here. We were taught how to use technology to make almost anything in our daily life. At Fablab we have machines like shopbot, epilog machine, Modella and the 3D printer and also the vinyl cutter machine. During this time I been here, I think I have master 2 machines, the epilog laser machine and the sticker machine. I also have learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, this program enable me to draw all the things on before I transfer it to any of the machine to cut it out. During this internship some of the projects that I have finish is that I built a 3D model of a school out of wood, cardboard, vinyl and acrylic.Another project that we did is that we went to Mission Trail and map the trail with GPS device; we were mapping it and taking picture so we can put it online. It was pretty fun we get to hangout and also learn how to use GPS devices.

One of the main projects that I been working on is the structure project. We were divided into 2 teams: Electronic and Structure team, electronic was working on the drawdio (a pen that make sound when you write or touch other objects) and the Structure team was working on building the 8ft x 8ft structure. Structure team was then divided into 2 teams, solar power and cultural motif. The team I’m on is solar power/ energy. Our structure has light incorporated into it and it will light up at night, the cool thing about it is that it has all use solar power. Over all i learn how to use most of the machines here and also to think in 3D. Another thing that I learn is that to use a few computer software that was required for each machine. These things I can use it in the future for my next jobs and also I can put it in my resume.