My idea sketch for the structure group

I orignally planned to design a structure hand as a symbol for the community’s helping hand, but then I completely changed course, and made a different sketch. I imagined a structure that stood up through presfit, and at the very top, there would be an interactive wheel in which you could spin to see different symbols/messages that you may interpret yourself.

The wheel would be in between two other wheels which acts as an outer layer. I drew a cut out hole through the outer wheels so that people could focus on one symbol/message at a time when spinning the inner wheel. I imagine that the structure would also need an extra different material for the spinning element.

Aside from that, I thought about including cultural motifs for each platform of a presfit in one of the three structures that we will be finalizing. I suggested that it would go with the unity/diversity structure. These motifs will be etched onto as much platforms as we can make motifs. I would really like to help make the motifs, but considering that I’m gone the whole week next week, I don’t think I will get to help my team much at all. However, I hope I can do something for the remaining work days of this week. I’m going to miss the fun :(