My Overall Experience at Fab Lab

I have never had any kind of work experience nor have been involved in any internship. Being my first time as an intern at the Fab Lab, I feel that it was one of the best choices I have made so far in my high school years. I did not intentionally aim to come here, but I did however take the initiative to apply for SDFF, which lead me here. Everything that has occured in this internship has impacted not only my knowledge, but also my judgements on people.

The first time I stepped into the Fab Lab, I was very nervous because I walked in already assuming that supervisors are not interested in their interns and they will yell at you. But soon, I really felt their sincere kindness and willingness to teach us something. I felt so welcomed in this place becuase our supervisors connected with us through their teachings by bringing us together in groups. I never knew that I could meet so much unique individuals. Everyone had such creative ideas that we were able to mingle into what are structure projects are now.

I have learned so much about using the Laser cutting machine, Vinyl cutter and Shop bot to use for creating our ideas into inventions. These machines have really given us a push to see the possibilities there are in creations. In a way, I believe that it symbolizes how anything is possible if you just put your mind into it. I now know that you don’t need nails and screws to create structures; you can make press fits. I learned that press fits are objects that fit/slide into each other through slots to make a perfect fit.

One of the most useful things that I have learned though is using Adobe Illustrator. It really came to use because my high school yearbook staff is going to be using Illustrator this upcoming school year. As a leader in my yearbook staff, I think it’s very essential that I know how to use Illustrator because I have to be able to help out the first-year students with designing issues. I also plan on having an artistic career, which could be a graphic designer. This is really important because I have just built a foundation for myself. I really believe that this program has brought out the best of me. I encourage students to go out and find programs like this because I guarantee you, this will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced.