Personal Project

In my personal project, I incorporated the use of laser etching and vector paths through Adobe Illustrator to create my hand drawing into a clean wood drawing. I then added my signature on the top left corner of the board by transferring paths from Adobe Photoshop to Illustrator, and cutting it out from the vinyl cutting machine. Finally, I created a press fit “L” shaped frame holder with the help of my supervisor, Fabiola.

This abstract drawing symbolizes a few main hobbies and one that I hope to major in as a career possibly 10 years from now. The human face, if you notice, is positioned sideways to show that all the other objects are behind it, which represents what’s behind me. I centered the peripheral drawings with the camera and the spilling ink to show that those are my main interests that I base my life around. When I take pictures, I look for the beautiful things in life; small and big. I love the scenery of the clouds in a sunny, blue sky after a rain shower had just passed. And that’s why I drew clouds. I also find myself most peaceful in seeing the moon lit up at night, surrounded by so many stars. This explains a lot of my optimism and happiness in life, which is represented by the moon I drew inside the camera’s lens.

Every time I take a picture, I feel inspired to draw what I want to see. This leads to my ink bottle and nip pen drawing. I drew these kinds of art tools on purpose because I wanted to show that my art is usually expressed in the form/process of manga. I usually draw out things in a “vector” or cartoon-looking style rather than realistically placing every detail as most artists would do. Also, one of my biggest goals in my life is to become a financially successful manga artist. A manga artist is a person that draws in the Japanese cartoon style. It’s kind of like an American comic artist, but in a Japanese version. Although this may sound a bit childish, I take this goal very seriously, as it has been my dream for years now. I hope to someday to bring out a manga novel series with life lessons and events based partially from my life and the people in it.