Structure Team Update

So far in our structure team, we have made our first complete- laser-cut model of the structure. The fitting is only loose because the Laser Cutting Machine has burned the edges. But once we cut out the structure file for the Shop Bot, it will fit perfectly.

We are going to re-design the four end pieces that connect the four bottom flames. Our focus right now is finding what gives attention to our interactive table that we will also be re-designing. The electric team is figuring out how to place LED’s into our structure. We are planning on using solar panels for the energy source that light bulbs will need, rather than using batteries.

This structure is supposed to represent the world of energy/power. There can be lots of messages from this structure. We want to give out the message that people living in this world have the power to create our future of what we have with electricity, power, and life itself. Our message is mainly carried out through the table in which we are making for people to be able to touch in order to light up the structure.