We had the great opportunity to present at SIGGRAPH 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center last week. This conference was buzzing with ideas and emerging tech. Being situated in the International Center, we had an amazing array of countries represented by an international digital culture community.

Sandro worked his coordinating magic and did an extremely well-orchestrated job of bringing this opportunity together. The end result was a presentation that I enjoyed making very much, which ended with an exciting packed house, and a lot of thoughtful interest in the program, and a fantastic response to the beautiful T-shirts made by Sandro and Claudia with additional assistance from Melinda, Bea and myself.

The response to the presentation was surprisingly strong, as well as extremely positive, and sparked some great conversations with people from around the world. Meeting and talking with these many interesting folks was a personal highlight.

We’d like to give SIGGRAPH, and Sandro Alberti a big thanks for allowing us this great opportunity.

Additionally, this could not have come together without the late night help of Bea Alvarez. Of course, the T-shirts looked amazing, with screen-printing by Claudia Murphy Hill, and LillyPad Arduino programming by Sandro Alberti with help from Melinda Barnadas. Cassidy Rast was also up at the crack of dawn as well to film the event. A big thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.