Good Morning Class

Day 1 of the “Engineering a Paintbrush Made of Light” UCSD Extension Summer Course

Definitely learned a lot today.  I was introduced to the world of FabLab and Processing.  This morning consisted mostly of discussion and, for lack of a better term, lecture.  We identified the parts inside a Wii and tried to put it back together.  Much of our time was taken up talking about the accelerometer and the importance of it.  Johnny Lee’s videos gave us an inkling of what we were getting ourselves into.

After a lunch break, things became more hands-on.  We started getting everything set up and prepared for tomorrow.  The Bluetooth was being troublesome, however after a bit of troubleshooting, things began functioning properly.  Eventually, the Wii remotes were paired with the computers and we attempted to use the remote and IR pens to control the mouse.  My success was limited but entertaining. :)

I’m looking forward to learning more about Processing and building our own IR pens.  Hopefully we won’t have to repeat yesterday’s work on the computers.

Over and out.