Day 1: Theory and WiiMote

Theory of interfacing with machines and the possible benefits, uses, and consequences were introduced at first.  These include the concept of singularity – the time when machines will surpass humans, enhancing human life, and the way we interact and control technology. Then WiiMotes were taken apart and much time was spent troubleshooting and linking them to the computers by Bluetooth – eventually they were used to play flash games and demo with the WiiWhiteboard software.

Some information on the Wii Remote:

“The Wii Remote assumes a one-handed remote control-based design instead of the traditional gamepad controllers of previous gaming consoles. This was done to make motion sensitivity more intuitive, as a remote design is fitted perfectly for pointing, and in part to help the console appeal to a broader audience that includes non-gamers. The body of the Wii Remote measures 148 mm (5.83 in) long, 36.2 mm (1.43 in) wide, and 30.8 mm (1.21 in) thick. The Wii Remote model number is RVL-003, a reference to the project codename “Revolution”. The controller communicates wirelessly with the console via short-range Bluetooth radio, with which it is possible to operate up to four controllers as far as 10 meters (approx. 30 ft) away from the console. However, to utilize pointer functionality, the Wii Remote must be used within five meters (approx. 16 ft) of the Sensor Bar. The controller’s symmetrical design allows it to be used in either hand. The Wii Remote can also be turned horizontally and used like a Famicom/NES controller, or in some cases (like Excite TruckSonic and the Secret RingsMario Kart Wii, and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing) a steering wheel. It is also possible to play a single-player game with a Wii Remote in each hand, as in the Shooting Range game contained in Wii Play.”

From Wikipedia

Coming up, LED lights for the WiiMote will be made and soldered, and an introduction to the coding language Processing will be received.

A Haiku to sum up:

WiiMotes are for Wiis

Not so much for Computers

Better on a Mac.