Engineering a Paintbrush Made of Light: Day 1

Today was mostly review for me, because I tried experimenting with wiimote/bluetooth connectivity at my house before. We talked about what a wiimote is made of and how it works, including concepts such as AR (augmented reality) and accelerometers. Specifically, we talked about how the wiimote determines its position using its accelerometer and IR camera. After that quick review, the rest of our afternoon was spent in a hands-on experience with using the wiimote with a computer. We set up our bluetooth, and used BlueSoleil to connect our wiimote. After that, we ran a program called WiinRemote to test out the functionality. I used both the accelerometer and the IR sensing capabilities, and they both functioned well to my expectations. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, because we will be building our own IR light pen to keep and getting into the programming language called Processing (P5).Diagram

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