Processing 101

Day 2 of the “Engineering a Paintbrush Made of Light” UCSD Extension Summer Course–continued

So this is the first time I have ever used any sort of coding, formatting or otherwise, so I decided to get a head strat.  It took a while to get the hang of but I’m slowly learning.   Processing is slightly difficult with all the codes it requires and systems to remember, but I would imagine that it gets easier the more a person uses it.  The tutorials on the website were really helpful though.  I have already managed to get down the basic syntax and functions.  I love playing with all the different colors. :)  Such a girly thing to say.  We also did some soldering today on the LED pens.  That was only after we managed to get them out of old remote controls though.  It was interesting to see how the technology in the remote controls progressed over the years.  Fun stuff.

To be continued…