My First Project

Day 3 of the “Engineering a Paintbrush Made of Light” UCSD Extension Summer Course

This morning was centered around doing a little bit of research on a particular subject.  Paul and I were assigned to work on LEDs.  Without even discussing it, Paul worked on the more practical applications and purposes, while I looked into the more technical side of the LEDs.  There were so many words I needed to look up.  But now I feel like I could tell anybody how an LED works.  You can look at my research in the previous blog post.

After we presented what we had discovered and learned, Ms. Bea introduced us to the world of Processing.  Paul and I had looked at it the previous day, so we were already familiar with it.  It helped to hear the explanation of all the different commands though.  After lunch, we explored Processing even more.  We were given free reign and allowed to play around with it however we wanted.  However, even some of the simplest concepts are really complicated in code though.  This might take a while to get used to.

First Project with Processing is a link to a video in which I demonstrated my first Processing project to the class today.  It was composed of 5 ellipses that adjust in size depending on the mouse position.

LED’s: An In-Depth Look is a video of the presentation Paul and I made on our research.

Signing off