Paintbrush of light: Day 3

We started off the day today by researching various terms that have been used throughout the whole class such as accelerometer, LED, infrared light, infrared camera, and gravitational constant. We were paired up to research one of these terms. Ethan and I were told to define, and go into detail on the infrared camera attached to the Wii remote. This was a bit difficult because it doesn’t actually contain an infrared camera per se, but an infrared filter in front of a normal monochrome camera. This fact, and the simplicity of our topic led to there being not as much information as other topics.

Another thing that we started yesterday, and spent most of the day on, was the basics of “Processing”. This was really quite interesting because it required a great amount of coding, which I haven’t really had any experience in before. However, even though I haven’t really done anything with coding before, I feel that I did fairly well. However, I definitely wasn’t the best in the room, because my crowning efforts were just a square bouncing around, and various shapes changing at the move of the mouse. But, overall, I am fairly proud of what I have accomplished, and look forward to practicing more Processing in future.