Fab Lab: Day 5

The day has finally come. My final chance to create and share with the rest of the class the one and the only Cookie Monster! But yes, today is our final day working with processing. So far I have created 3 things only one of which I am somewhat proud of. I have been having difficulty working around keeping cookie monsters eyes on his head, but hopefully I shall figure out how to do that by the end of today. Also with my squid project, i want to figure out how i can have two different images as the background in which i can scroll between both of them. As usual, it is not working out for me. But I am excited nonetheless since this is the first time I have ever created anything like this. Processing indeed is an incredible  program.

However, Processing is not the only thing we worked on. We also sucessfully created InfraRed pens and used them to control our computers. it worked, however it was pretty hard to control the cursor with a IR pen, but it was fun nonetheless.