Fab Lab:Day 2 RECAP

IR sensors obviously must be in a shortage in San Diego, seeing as how it took our instructor, Katie about an hour and a half to muster up enough to allow us to continue with our IR sensor work. The work involes soldering an infrared light onto somesort of button mechanism to get it to shine infrared light. This light could then be picked up by our Wii remotes which in turn would then allow us to control our computer with the IR sensor. Unfortunately my computer was again uncooperative and refused to let me do anything with my Wii remote, but the others found ways to control their computers with their own Ir sensors that we personally made using the materials Katie bought. By using Johnny Lee’s free software “Wii Whiteboard” they could paint on their computer using nothing but the homemade IR pens and the Wii remote sitting behind them. This was all made possible with bluetooth.

We also began working with Processing a free software in which you can create almost anything with Javascript. I began working and then came to the stunning conclusion: I AM TERRIBLE WITH JAVA. Anyways it was fun to create what seemed like simple circles and lines to others but like my own creations to myself.