Learn about the WII remote

How the Wii remote works- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETAKfSkec6A


A man named Johnny Lee found out a different way to use this control other than just playing games. watch the video below and you will see his way to use it.


What “Infrared Leds?”

Infrared illuminator LEDs on a wireless camera.

Wondering  what the Accelerometer

 Memsic 2125 Dual Axis AccelerometerThe “Accelerometer”- It has the abilty to messure speed and detect movment.

Accelerometers are a very common way to measure vibration. However, acceleration vibration data is most useful for high frequencies while velocity data is suited to lower frequencies and in particular vibration found in most rotating machinery. Velocity vibration data is also a much better indicator of machinery health as it changes with a linear relationship to machine health. Velocity vibration data can be obtained from the MAV51 and MAV52 accelerometers both of which have built in integration circuits in them. To view how it work check out the video below.