Paintbrush of light: Day 2 (Part 1)

IR pen
Today we have been told that we will be creating an infrared pen to further interact with the Wii remote’s IR sensor. An infrared pen is essentially a whiteboard pen with all of its insides removed and replaced with a battery, switch and infrared LED. This allows us to use this pen for purposes usually reserved for the sensor bar, such as tracking where the Wii remote is, and manipulating a cursor. This Pen can also be used to do things the sensor bar cannot such as making a surrogate interactive projector screen.

Besides that we are going to begin with the basics of the programming language “Processing”. Later this will allow us to create various interactive programs that work side by side with the various abilities of the Wii remote. Overall I am very excited about what we have done as well as what we will be doing in future. To all those who care, I will try to keep this updated fairly regularly and inform you about my latest discoveries…

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