Paintbrush of light: Day 4

Today, pretty much the entire day was dedicated to learning more, and progressing our skills in processing. I learned quite a bit from both our instructors, and the processing website. The focus of the first half of the day was creating custom shapes, and manipulating them. However, I already knew how to do this, so I spent a great deal of my time reading up on tutorials on vector movement, and Pvectors.  Probably the coolest thing I learned was how to create a line that points towards the mouse, but can only extend a certain amount. This may not seem hard, however it was really quite difficult, and took some time to figure out. My end product for the day was just a tiny person in a top hat, who stands at the bottom left of the window, and reaches for the mouse. This used the aforementioned line thing to make his arms. When looking at it it may not seem like much, however I feel happy with it. I hope to continue to expand my knowledge of processing tomorrow, the last day of the course.