Outdoor signage – CHCDC

City Heights Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life in City Heights by working with our community to create quality affordable housing and livable neighborhoods, foster economic self-sufficiency and stimulate investment.

In October 2010, FAB LAB San Diego was selected to produce outdoor signage for nine properties managed by CHCDC. Acrylic was the material chosen to create these signs, as it allowed us to create high-impact, colorful pieces that can withstand weather. These signs were designed in Illustrator and then fabricated using our laser cutter. We cut the lettering and logo from individual pieces of colored acrylic, then assembled the signs by embedding these pieces by hand into the white background template, which had also been cut to remove the area for the colored shapes. The result was a uniformly flat sign with high-contrast inset elements. Finally, clear acrylic sheets were put in place to cover the front of the sign and protect the final product from vandalism, providing an easy-to-change facade.

We hope that these signs will assist in representing City Heights CDC and their work within our community, while making these neighborhood homes more recognizable.

Thanks to the CHCDC staff for choosing FAB LAB San Diego!


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