Toni Rouhana

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Educational Program Manager / Instructor

Toni RouhanaToni Rouhana is a Computer Engineer who graduated with a Masters in Multimedia Engineering from UPA (Antonine University in Lebanon), and has worked in computer programming, web development, database management, and 3D animation for over 8 years.

Toni has a strong interest in community technology, and has held workshops for high school students in which he taught various subjects including multimedia and software development. He has worked with local communities in outreach and educational programs related to technology for 5 years. As team leader at Educational Research Center, he held training workshops for newcomers. Toni has recently been engaged in working with students and teaching at UC Santa Cruz in the areas of web application development.

Toni is currently working with Fab Lab San Diego to develop courses for computer science and robotics, as well as 3D animations. Additionally, he is has set up and is managing an online portal and database system to create an educational resource for Fab Lab students and instructors.

Toni is also working with Fab Lab San Diego to create database, web and computer science skills that are accessible for youth in the San Diego community through a series of courses that he has been developing in collaboration with Katie Rast for the past six months.