Fabiola Hanna

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Educational Program Manager / Instructor

Fabiola HannaFabiola Hanna is a New Media Artist with an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz. Her work is about people, technology and seeking practical solutions. She explores ideas that might help communities through art and technology. She is a programmer, hacker and geek.

Fabiola has exhibited at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, the SubZero Festival in San Jose and at the Digital Arts Research Center in Santa Cruz.

Of the many technical and creative undertakings pursued, Fabiola is most passionate about her work at Fab Lab San Diego. She joined the team from the inception of the Lab in 2007, and has developed and implemented curricula for various workshops and courses, including electronics, creative computing, geo-locative technology, and more.

Fabiola served as a manager during the Summer 2009 Intensive Training program, in which she worked closely with all students and staff to co-develop and implement a 10-week summer program for youth from San Diego.

Fabiola provided training for all machinery and helped people in the lab make almost anything through process involving design, prototyping, and testing. She has also worked with students at Crawford High School in San Diego through Fab Lab’s educational programs to create and code visuals for a public performance.