Bea Alvarez

Educational Programs Support / Web Manager / Instructor

Bea Alvarez - Program Support -FabLabSDBea Alvarez has a background in graphic and multimedia design that spurred more than a decade of experience on notable projects using the most current techniques for web development, interactive media and product design. Bea has provided digital media development to companies and organizations such as 2Click Multimedia Lab, Linealmedia, The City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils, Women in Film, and Liberman Broadcasting.

Bea’s passion for the combining of technology, art and community brought her to Fab Lab San Diego in 2010, where she started working as educational program support and assistant for both curriculum development and implementation of programs, including digital fabrication, product design and creative computing. Part of this work includes the extensive documentation of the preparation and processes involved in the instruction of these programs. Bea has co-developed workshops for youth and community members of all ages in areas of digital media and fabrication.

As the Fab Lab San Diego website manager, Bea also provides first-line technical support in the day-to-day running and management of the Fab Lab SD website and student project presentations and online portfolios, improving the features and functionality of this always growing, content-driven web-presence. Additionally, Bea works with students directly to help them create the online pieces that showcase their learning experience and highlight the work they’ve done in Fab Lab SD courses.

Bea is motivated by the experience of being part of the initiatives lead by Fab Lab SD and sees these projects as opportunities to involve community in the fields of Design, Technology and Education in San Diego.