Day 1 : Introduction to Creative Computing

Today, I learned the script or language from the program Processing 1.2.1. I learned the difference between static and dynamic programming, which is the difference between a static picture and an interactive picture. I also learned how to used variables to subsitute into functions so that if I need to shift my image or redo the parameters, I can easily shift my image too or even have it resize the same way. I also learned the difference between void setup and void draw in which the former never refreshes and the latter refreshes constantly. I learned how to insert images into my product. I learned how to put a function into another functions too.  Today, i finished a program where based on the position of the mouse, it will control a cursor and the background color.  I also created another program where based on the position of the mouse, the background color will change and the ball and stick it controls will change its size and length inversely. I am currently working on program where a set of eyes will follow your mouse position.