The name is Lauren, a.k.a Lola. I’m 16 years young, going to blow out 17 candles on April 1st! 😀 and I go to Scripps Ranch High School. I’ve never done any coding before so the FabLab is the first thing I’ve ever really worked on. Before this class I didn’t really know too much about programming other than the fact that it required alot of nerdy stuff (hahaha just kidding it’s pretty cool :D)

My Project:

I did a simple design of a face where the eyes get bigger and smaller when you move the mouse around the screen. I used the variables MouseX and MouseY to control the size and shape of the ellipses of the eyes in the picture. This class was hard for me because I wasn’t able to understand and get used to the way the program worked and all of the shorthand that came along with it.  To be honest I don’t plan on doing anything else with the knowlage that I have gained here at the FabLab but I plan on being a special effect make up artist. In my design my use of color represents me because I use the colors to represent things and feelings that are in my life.