My creative computing project

Justyn Beckham/ Montgomery Middle School/ 13

I have not done any coding before this class and I am happy that I took it my knowledge of programming was nothing and now I know a lot more.

My project is a football field and i made it move by have a football(brown ellipse) follow the mouse on the screen. It has the letters “Saints” on the touchdowns and it has the yard markers.

I achieved this project by using the different codes that could be already inserted into the program or just me typing it in. Some of the codes that i would have to type in would be size(), line(), rect(), ellipse(), and much more. This project(my first project on processing) had 240 lines of code.

I think the most difficult thing about this class would be me coming into this class with absolutely no knowledge of processing(coding) and coming out each day of this class and learning more and more each day(probably the second and third day was the hardest).

I am most proud of my first project and how much time I spent on it. I am having so much fun with processing. I can’t wait till summer when I can take another class just like this. I am so proud to be in this class with two great teachers. They taught me(us as in the class) really well.

What I would like to do next would be to take more of these classes. I really got into processing because of these two teachers that taught me all about processing. I can’t wait until summer.