Creative Computing the final post

Self Bio

Name: Jacob Daniels

Age: 13 (My wisdom surpasses my age)

School: Rancho Del Rey Middle

Before I took this class of creative computing I had no knowledge of computer programming and i have never worked with processing beforehand,  yet I seem to have caught on to processing quite well.

My project which I have prepared for this class is two different colored spheres with one in the other and they grow and shrink with the location of the mouse on the x and y axis.

i achieved this result by adding P3D into the length of code for the size then I added PVector and new PVector with mouse, center, mouseX and mouseY, and width/2 and height/2. I also put in some mouse.sub(center) finally I created two spheres with color then put mouseX and mouseY in the values for the spheres (I have only 14 lines of code).

The most difficult thing for me in this class was remembering what codes I need to put in to create a specific shape, color or movement (My memory is not the best (-_-‘).

I’m most proud of my ability to understand the information used to process so quickly ( I’m a quick learner).

I’m not sure what I would like to do next, probably extend my knowledge on processing and become an engineer of either mechanic or aerospace.