Just a bit o’ info….

The Basics:
Natalie D.
15, going on 16 soon enough

The Questions:
1. Have you previously done processing? What was your knowledge of computer programing before this class?

I had basic HTML knowledge and a bit of coding, not any particularly pertaining to processing.

2. Please Describe your project. Explain what the visual result was.

My project is a work in progress. Virus on home computer= unhappy Natalie.
3. How did you achieve this result through code?

Typing the code in I guess.
4.What is the most difficult thing about this class?

Positioning the actual coding
5.What are you most proud of?

That would probably be my little doodle nonsense thing.  I used the mouse x, mouse y variables to manipulate the shapes to follow the mouse. I also used the transparency coloring so I could see through the shape.
6.What would you like to do next?

Finish my work!