Day 1 at the Fab Lab

Katie Buss, 8th Grade: Coastal Academy.

Today we learned about transforming a 2D template into a 3D object. We applied this skill to make characters on paper that fold up into 3-dimensional figures. To start out, we first learned about Platonic solids. Each of us made a platonic solid, and I made a dodecahedron. It consists of 12 faces and 20 vertices, which made it very hard to fold and tape. A quick demonstration of the difference between vector and raster images started us off. A vector image is still sharp when zoomed into because it used vectors instead of a raster image where it blurs and enlarges the pixels. I have never worked with Adobe Illustrator before, so creating this was a whole new experience for me. Next, I hope that I can finish the design of my owl character!