Day 1 Fab Lab

Andrew Preecha


Mt. Carmel High

Today I chose to build a dodecahedron as my platonic solid. My dodecahedron had 12 faces and 20 vertices. To convert the flat shape of the dodecahedron into a 3D one, I basically took the flat template and folded it into the right shape.

The new program that I learned how to use today was Adobe Illustrator which is a vector graphics program. A vector image is one that is created by an equation determining where points are while a raster image is one that is made up of fixed pixels. The piece of introductory  vector art I made today was a pair of eyes. Actually, I have actually worked with Illustrator before in a graphic arts class in high school. I hope to be able to master the design of cool images  and graphics in both 2D and 3D by the end of this workshop.