First Day Of Product Design

Griffin McComb

13 years old

Rancho Santa Fe School

Today I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator¬† and Platonic shapes, like the Platonic tetrahedron, which I built in class today. I converted it into a 3D shape from a lat shape using a net box. It was laid out with the design. We folded it and taped it together. I also made a platonic octahedron which is like two triangles on top of each other. Also, I learned what a raster and a vector image is, and which one is better. The vector images are better by far, because there is no size limit for the quality of the image. Today i made a silly looking face and some other random designs. I can’t wait for next class to start carving my designs on the stickers and finish. I also want to get my phone laser engraved. I could make the design and have it on the back of my phone! I wonder what I will make it.