Product Design blog #1 Sajan Sanghvi

Sajan Sanghvi/11th Grade/Canyon Crest Academy

Today was the first day of Product Design. First we were shown many different and objects that can be changed from 2d to 3d and also several sculptures that were built from a large machine, yet designed from a computer. We learned all about Platonic solids and geometric design processes. I built the dodecahedron and the tetrahedron folded simply out of paper and tape. We experimented with converting a 2d design of the platonic solids to match the desired design when folded into a 3d shape. The dodecahedron had 12 faces 20 vertices and the tetrahedron had 4 vertices and 4 faces. Thus their dualality shapes are the icosahedron and the tetrahedron. Although I had experimented with Adobe Illustrator before, I refreshed my memory and learned some new tricks on how to master the program and design process. We learned that Adobe Illustrator is more advantageous for design purposes than Adobe Photoshop Elements because it uses vector rather than raster. Vector images allow us to create images without the use of pixels. Vectors do not change picture quality when zoomed unlike raster images and pixels do. The vector art we created was a 2d to 3d cutout figure. We are designing the figure as a 2d paper and then instructing fold and cutout directions to convert it into a 3d figure. I created a cycops monster! Although I have worked with Adobe Illustrator before I gained a whole new designing perspective of it. Next, if possible, I would like to design a picture on Illustrator and cut it out with Vinyl and make it into a sticker for decoration.