Product Design First Day

My name is Paul. I’m a ninth grader at University City High School.  I’m 14 years old.

I made the icosahedron and the tetrahedron by folding them out of paper and then taping the joints.

The icosahedron has 20 faces and 12 vertices.

I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator for editing vector images.

A vector image can be expanded many times without losing resolution, because it is coded as a series of curves, lines, etc., each with a mathematical formulation,  while a raster image is made of  a bunch of pixels and becomes blurry on a large scale.

I drew some eyes, a nose, a body, and a mouth with Illustrator.

It is definitely a unique experience for me. I haven’t done anything like this. Probably the closest thing is photo editing.

Next time, I want to complete my flatpack character (little foldable minions).