Product Design Day 2

Today I make the vinyl decals for my flat pack character.

To make it, I first had to come up with an idea for how it should look. Then, I created the design with Adobe Illustrator. Then it was sent to the Roland CAMM1 vinyl plotter, which is a CNC machine. It used the design sent to it by the computer. The machine cut out the vinyl decals. It also had previously cut out the Mylar base, which we used to actually form the character.

Like I said before, I used Illustrator to draw up the design and the vinyl plotter to create the stickers.

The thinking I did was very conceptual. I had to figure out how the figure would fold and how my things would beĀ  cut by the plotter. I had to make many revisions to my design, and yet there were still parts that did not come out completely perfect.

The result was still pretty cool. I now have some pretty cool looking stickers and some of them are already on the Mylar. It looks much more professional than the first one made out of paper.