product desgin blog #3 Sajan Sanghvi

Sajan Sanghvi/10th grade/Canyon Crest Academy

Today was the last day of Fablab. It was very exciting because we were able to show our prior knowledge and use the skills we learned to make stickers and flat pack characters all in one day. I made a final flat pack character using vinyl for the eye, pupil, teeth, and mouth. Also, I made 4 stickers of a tennis player, tiger, Batman logo, and Deceptacon logo. It was amazing to see the abilities I gave acquired in only 3 classes, yet sad that it has come to the end. In conclusion, we have all learned to master Adobe Illustrator, convert 2-d objects to 3-d objects, use the vinyl cutter, and coordinate Illustrator vector designs to a vinyl product. I am really bummed that the class is over, but I am very excited to go home and decorate my possessions with the stickers I made in this class; and eager to use the skills I learned here in the future.