Learn + Play Special Workshop: VJ 101 by LA-VA.org

FAB LAB SD Presents:
Learn + Play: VJ 101 by LA-VA.org Workshop @ MEDIA ARTS CENTER San Diego

We want to shout out a big THANK YOU to our special guests James Cui and Eric Medine, to Morgan Sully and Chris Anderson at MACSD, and to all attendees for such a great workshop, enjoy the photogallery/slideshow below and stay tuned for upcoming LEARN + PLAY events.

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Special guests James Cui/Fader and Eric Medine/MkUltra of LA Video Artist’s (LA-VA.org) presenting a lecture and hands-on workshop covering the history, trends and techniques of VJing. Topics include creating generative visuals with Processing, 3D projection mapping, video mixing, and how to generate visuals on your Android device.

History of Live Visuals Art
Eric Medine (MkUltra)
This lecture covers the history of improvised visuals as an art form, from the 17th century to the present. Topics range from candle-powered color organs, Futurist cinema, “wet shows”, Thomas Wilfred, to MTV and the 80’s NYC club scene.

Current trends in Visuals Art
James Cui (Fader)
Survey of the most current technologies, visual styles, and techniques of live visuals creation. Work by Anti-VJ, DangerMouse, Plastikman, and other contemporary artists will be discussed.

Intro to Projection Mapping
James Cui (Fader)

Intro and discussion of techniques for creating 3D video projection on architectural environments, using Photoshop and AfterEffects.

Writing Visuals in Code (Intro to Processing)
James Cui (Fader)
Introduction to Processing (JAVA) programming environment. Learn how to use the Processing Development Environment to create unique visuals you can use in live performances or in your mobile device.

Generative Visuals using Processing for Android
Eric Medine

This is a tutorial on how to compile generative visuals built in Processing (a Java based authoring environment) onto an Android mobile device. Discussion includes downloading and running the Android and Processing SPK and API, as well as issues such as canvas size, processor power, and external display capabilities of mobile devices. The mobile device used in this demo is an HTC EVO, with 1080×760 HDMI output mirroring using the Full HDMI application by SAM BERRO, although any Android device running v2.1 or newer is supported. Authoring environment is a MacBook pro with 4gigs of ram with 2.5 MHZ processor.

What will be provided:

  • Demo version of AV Mixer Pro (downloadable from www.neuromixer.com)
  • Processing (FREE program – open source – downloadable from www.processing.org)
  • Free VJ loops
  • WIFI internet/power

James Cui/Fader is an Asian American visual designer who expresses music through interactive video performance art (VJ). As a leading force in the advancing VJ movement, he continues to push the boundaries of live video art with combination of software and hardware techniques. His newest innovations include live 3D video mapping using Processing and faderTouch, a portable touchscreen interface.

Eric Medine/MkUltra is a Los Angeles area artist working in multimedia and video art, and co-director of LAVA. He has shown work at the Angels Gate Art Center, Track 16 Gallery, the SuperSonic Exhibition, Andrew Shire Gallery, and the KunstVlaai Exhibition in Amsterdam, and Vj’d along side musical acts such as Delta 9, the Orb, Rusko, Excision, and Cirrus. He has given numerous lectures, workshops, and presentations on topics such as curating electronic art, hacking video game hardware, and software programming for live video exhibitions.