Intro to Creative Computing . Spring 2011

FAB LAB San Diego, in Partnership with UCSD Extension and The South Metro Center present a series of digital media and fabrication courses for high school students. At Fab Lab SD’s  “Introduction to Creative Computing” students are introduced to the fundamentals of computing within a visual context, where STEM and Arts make STEA[+a]M in San Diego’s City Heights San Diego South Metro One Stop.

“Software is one of the most important forces defining our future: culturally, socially and politically … We focus on the cultural component: learning how to program with the visual arts” Casey Reas (Processing co-founder)

Creative Computing . FAB LAB SD . UCSD Extension @ Metro Center

In the Creative Computing course, students learn the fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, including how to design interactive work while developing strong conceptual and analytical thinking skills required for creating programs. With the basic understanding of programming offered in this course, students will be able to explore programming in other languages such as Java quite easily. The concepts and skills taught in this course will set a foundation for future learning in fields such as the Media Arts, Interaction Design, Game Design, Web Development, and Data Visualization.

Drawing Basic Primitives with Processing

During the first classes, students learn the fundamentals of programming and jump start using processing to draw basic shapes, the process begin with sketches in graph paper and then ‘translate’ the drawings into code using functions and parameters.

Introduction to Creative Computing Spring 2011

Students learning creative computing

Introduction to Creative Computing Spring 2011

Intro to Creative Computing Students at work

Continuous Programming . Variables . Mouse Response

In our second and third classes students are introduced to Variables, one of the fundamental elements of programming, they learned how to draw dynamically using global and system variables, and the interactive components of programming mouse response.

Introduction to Creative Computing Spring 2011

Intearctive Whiteboard Presentations

Introduction to Creative Computing Spring 2011

Students testing IR lights

IR Pen . Wiimote Whiteboard . Interactive sketches

In our last class students are introduced to the johnny lee project, how to build an IR Pen and use it with the wiimote in an interactive whiteboard to present their final work made with processing.

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