Day 2: Making Jimmy

Today I came into class with barley any idea really in what to do.  It was my second day and yesterday I learned the basics of the codes, which were ellipses, lines, rectangles and points.  I didn’t know how to change the color in the pictures, Ididn’t know how t0 make arcs and I didn’t know how to customize shapes using vertecies(vertexes).  I made a little man with a hat  which I named Jimmy. I figured out how to make a arc for the smile. but i had some trouble because I had to figure it out a way that I could make the pants of my little man to   be able to fill it withcolor.  And I was able to customize my own uniqe shape.  We also learned about accerlerometers, and we took apart a wiimote to look inside it.  We were sopposed to research what it was that made a wii mote work. We had a class of UCSD students come into class .  They came and they were the audience for our presentations.  They saw our processing creations and questioned us about the process that it took to make out coding and etc.  It was actually pretty cool.