im learning how to make signs and i am actually having fun on April 25, 2011 i will take this class for as long as i need to and i will enjoy it also i am new to this stuff and i learned what a momunent sign is and what a vector image is and i hope i will learn alot more than what i want to be a game designer and this class will teach me how to be what my future dream is. three topics i learned about are what vinal plooter was it is a machine that you put a piece of vinyl paper in and it cuts out what you want it to. i also learned what adobe illistrator was it is a application that you are able to make a design that you want and the other thing i learned was alot of different signs that people find interesting and there are signs that point you in different diffections and tell you the way you want to go. there are signs that attract people to buy their products and that is called commercial printing like for sale signs and even going out of buisness signs.