Cody Brandon Day 2 8-)

I learned how to make a cloud and it was very hard at first but i finally got the hang of it and i was really fun and i also made my name in a cool way with the paint brush and one day i can make it alot better at making the stuff on adobe illistrator. I learned what a bezier curve is. It is a curve that you can make after you make a zig zag line and it helped me make a cloud. :). THey told me to get a logo or a symbol of the internet that represented me and of course i chose the New England Patriots logo i also took my picture of my web site and put it as the face of the logo and i did this because the teacher asked me would people think of me if they saw it so i said my friends will and then i started thinking about what she said and then i took my picture and put it on his face. :)